Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trip to Flic-en-Flac...

I had the accommodation in guest house just for a week and had to look for a new house during this time. Luckily I got a house on rest soon which was best suitable for us and we shifted there on the first Saturday itself. This house was in Rose Hill area of Mauritius and was not far from office also. Initial 2 /3 days we spent in getting settle in the house and arranging all the required stuff for our kitchen and all. So the first week and weekend spent in getting settle.
Now the next weekend was there and we planned to head out somewhere. Our land lord advised us to go to Flic-en-Flac beach since it was the nearest beach from our location. So we headed towards this beach only.
Flic-en-Flac (it’s meaning in Dutch is Free and Flat land) beach is in west of the Mauritius and not so far from the capital Port Louis. So we took the bus from nearest bus station of Qutre Bornes for the beach. It took some 45 minutes to reach the beach. Surprising, is it not? 45 minutes by bus for closest beach in a small country… Actual in Mauritius usually roads are not broad and cuts and turns are usually sharp, so traffic moves a bit slow with in speed limits.
When we reached there we were amazed by the beauty of beach. We have seen the beach earlier also but this was the first one with blue colored water… Water was also quite clean and clear. Really people don’t praise the beach of the Mauritius like that only; the beaches deserve to be praised. It was fully crowded as it was a weekend and people were enjoying in their own ways. Few were swimming and diving in to it, few were playing in sand, and dirking and few were playing music and doing “Sega” (Mauritian dance and music). We went to the beach without any preparation so we did not spend much time there. But even in that short time we enjoyed at it most.
Some facts about the beach:
Sand - white, coral based, clean
Facilities - full
Shade - Umbrellas, some palms
Sports - Available along the beach. Great for snorkel along the fringes (not in the sand), and diving in the lagoon. Calm surf makes this an excellent swimming beach.
Notes - Can get crowded at holiday peak season.

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