Saturday, January 23, 2010

Moon from my window...

This is how the moon appeared from my window one evening... You decide it is beautiful or scary...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Undersea Walk in Mauritius...

Lots of water sport activities cross your mind when think of Mauritius and it is true that the country is full of water sport activities. The two major attractions out of those activities are Scuba Diving (Sub marine dive) and undersea walk. Mauritius is one of very few countries offering undersea walk.
Everybody is always amused by colorful underwater life and always interested to see at least once that what kind of life is there underwater… We were also in the same boat of such people and were thinking about to experience this since the time we landed in Mauritius.
We tried to go for this several time but anyhow it did not work out. Luckily we got a group of friends interested in this too and then started looking for the best deal for this activity. After a close follow up of one week we got a good deal for undersea walk. The price range for this activity varies a lot and it depends on you how much you can bargain and bring down the price. Normally this is MUR 800/- per person.
5-Dec-09, was the day for us to experience this ultimate experience of undersea walk. All of us met on Port Louis as decided and took a bus for Grand Bay. There we contacted the agent and he showed us a speed boat which was supposed to take us in the open sea. After a ride of 10 minutes we were on another boat which was meant for undersea walking. It has got all equipments like helmets to use underwater, shoes, oxygen cylinders etc. The guide gave us some instructions about how to communicate and walk underwater and then he helped us in landing on the sea bed.

Wow… It was awesome. It was strange but a wow feeling. We were walking about 4 / 5 meters underwater. We could see lots of fishes inside and some corals also. The guide gave us some bread to feed the fishes. It was nice to feed them. We just hold the bread in our hands and the fishes came to us and started having bread from our hands. With in no time the whole bread was eaten by them. The guide took some photos and small videos in side (paid separately).
This walk was for about 10 minutes but it was a life time experience, which I can never forget. For people who don’t know swimming /diving, it is a best way to see life under water. This was is 100% safe and all the times an expert guide will be with you. If you are in Mauritius, I’ll advice you to go for it for sure.