Thursday, May 7, 2009

Those Last days of Mysore...

I ware quite happy, when the talks for an onsite trip to Mauritius started for the first time in August 2008. Reason was obvious that there were very less chance for me to go for an onsite, since in my profile onsite is very limited… Anyways I started collecting information about Mauritius from internet and other people who had been there before and showed my green signal for the trip. There was no update on this for long and I had no other option just to sit quite and wait… how long, nobody knew? But I was told by one of my friends to be ready as if I’ll get the chance it will be informed at last moment, so basic preparation was done from my side.
It was the last week of October 2008 when I got the confirmation to go. It was now high time to pack our bag and baggage and we started doing this at a good speed… The kind of speed and sharpness my wife showed in the packing…wow it was mind blowing… Any how we managed to set out stuff here and there and got ready for the departure.
9 November 2008, was the D day when we had to leave for Mauritius. Our neighbor, Lobo Aunty prepared a nice breakfast for us for that day. We met our close friends (Abhijeet, Vaibhav, Abhishek, Liza and Madhu) for last time and received their good wishes and started our journey… Everybody at home was aware of the trip, but time was too short to meet them… I was a bit sad for this but could not so anything for this… Since this was one of the great opportunities I could not afford to miss it and I was happy because of this...

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