Monday, July 19, 2010

Mauritius International School ...

I always believe that every day comes to us with a gift packet for us. It is we, who has to decide to open it and enjoy the gift or to keep it aside and miss the fun.
Day 27 June 2010 also came with a gift to us , which was supposed to be opened at 1:00 PM at the Mauritius International School , in presence of Little India. Yes, we are little India only in Mauritius, having people from North, South and east of India, west is missing but out enthusiasm always bridge that missing part :).

The school had its opening ceremony and started a nice head count of sweet sixteen cute kids and one sweetest kid among them. At the school where we were welcomed by our classmates Chetanya and Neetu. Me and Mahesh, we were the most obedient kids, as we were the first to reach to reach on time followed by another good student JP and we were given a badge on our back. It was a hand expression representing all four colors of Mauritian flag. Then we had a big list of late comers, who were punished by JP.

This was an only school of its kind where the lunch was served before the class and that too with by the classmates J… we all set down on the floor and were given with banana leafs on which food was going to be served. With the smell of the food we felt being in India. Now time was to taste it and be in India. As per the tradition slat was served first followed by Indian mango pickle and Daal Vada. By now only my mouth was watering. But I had to hold till the full food was served…

Again tradition, Hmmm sometimes the traditions are too much. Then Rice and Sambar was there. No I said, obliviously internally, ATTACK… I was not going to hold myself for any long now. Then second round of rice was taken with famous Tamil Rasam. I took thrice (:P) and then the Curd Rice… Though by now we were full but always there is a space for desert. Me , Mahesh and JP, kind of shout when we came to know the desert was Payasam. By now a questions was striking my mind, how to get up??? HMMM… Any how I could manage this :).

It was the games class time now… We started with “Fire In The Forest”, a game to make a group of players based on a number called out and then “Posam Pa”, typical north Indian game J. Loto was kept at last to play and the class was called off by a cup of tea /coffee. We did not come to know how did the time fly, our watches were showing 6:00 PM now. This was happening for the first time we did not want to go back to home from the school but had to or else how we could come again HIHIHIHIHI…

I can bet one thing… none of the students of Mauritius International School, can forget the first day at the school. All the credits to make the first day unforgettable goes to the brilliant students Neetu and Chetanya.
Finally I introduce you to Little India (in alphabetical order): Aashish, Most know guys in the country Me (:P), Ashish, Avidant (sweetest kid), Chetanya, Chitraprakash, JP, Mahesh, Neetu , Pawan, Retika, Ruchika, Spandana , Tarun. Yaju.
Note: Don't forget to read the text on the pics... Did you realize it is a poem (:P) by JP...


  1. Brilliant!! Have no words to say.

    - neetu n chetanya

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