Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WE Conquered Le’Morne...

Ever since I came to Mauritius two things were always in mind. One was to see life under water and second was trekking, climbing a mountain. Experience of under water life was a great experience, undersea walk was already done, left was trekking.
Le’Morne Mountain at the far south-west of Mauritius was the target for trekking. The mountain is about 585 meters high and has got a history associated with it. During the slavery times in Mauritius a number of slaves run away from the city and climbed up the mountain to escape from slavery. Later on the rulers found their hide out. Then the slaves choose death over slavery and committed mass suicide by jumping from the mountain. The area and mountain has been given the honour of world heritage by UNESCO on 10 July 2008.

The Le’Morne
24 Apr 2010, we (Me, JP, Mahesh & Ashok) planned to go for the trekking and reached there. There we came to know that mountain is in a private area and we need permission to climb up as well as a guide. We were quite upset as we were highly dispread for this. Then we decided to gather all information and book a slot for some other time.
15 May2010 was the D day to do the trekking. Before this we checked with few of our friends to join us for this. No need to say, they all were ready as we talked about this and showed them the photos. Now we were 10 to go for trekking. We had a short meeting to plan and arrange for the other requirements for this event. We were divided in 3 groups and were giving responsibilities for arranging different things.
According to plan we picked everybody and started for Le’Morne at 6:00AM. On given time 7:00 AM we met Yan our guide for this activity. Before the trek we had a light breakfast and then Yan told about the trek. The trek starts from the east of the mountain and we go up high till west and then take the say way back. This full way is about 7 KMs including both sides and normally it takes 3 to 4 hours to finish this.
Based on the difficulties it is divided in to 3 different levels. First 250 meters is easy and the way is wide enough as well. Second level starts from 250 meters till 400 meters which is more technical and difficult as the way goes narrow, slippery and steep. Third was lest 100 meters, the most difficult part of this trek as it is quite steep. We were highly excited to do the go up…
We started well and got more enthusiastic as at 130meters we got to see an amazing view of south coast of the Mauritius… Blue colored water having different shades. This was Le’Morne beach. Next 120 meters were covered easily and again we had a nice view of Le’Morne village and valley and a lagoon and a small island next to it.

Now the trek was going to be a little difficult and we were ready. 250 meters is the height where you and stop and wait for your friends to come back and join you, in case you don’t want to dare to climb up. After this point there is not such place. Next 150meters were technical and we were advised to concentrate more on the taking small steps and use our both hands to hold the rocks. We did the same way and used the few steps which were naturally made on the rocks. The mountain was getting steeps after every meter. Once we reach 400 meters the view was awesome. We could see the Coconut Island, and sea far till Flic-En-Flac.

Now we were 100meters away from our destination and enthusiasm was high to reach top. This part was the most technical and steep of entire trek. Some 10-15 meters of this trek was supposed to be done the help of a rope as the mountain was very steep and way was quite narrow. One by one we cleared it and soon we found our selves on the top of the mountain… WOW… the view was amazing. We could see deep blue sea till horizon. It was amazing and we were full of charge. The entire tiredness was gone as soon as we reach the top.
By a chance one of our troop member Meeta had her birthday same day. We celebrated the same at the top of the mountain and she performed few dance steps with another friend Ruchika at there at 500 meters and at a place where the diagram was hardly 2/3 meters and we 11 people standing were there. Unbelievable courageJ.
Now it was the time to come back and same precautions were supposed to be followed. I would say coming down was little more difficult was way was narrow and slop was high. We hold our hand tight on the rocks and foots on the ground. We took a little long time incoming down the mountain. We were up at the mountain in 1 hour 45 minutes and we could cover complete trek in 4 hours and 10 minutes. Not bad ! The time we reached at out van we all were tired and hungry but we all were very happy as we knew we just Conquered Le’Morne.
I would like to specially mention the efforts done by the gals. Tremendous performance shown by them during the activity. Big hands for them.
Points to Remember:
1. Put on comfortable cloths like shorts, lower etc.
2. Have a better pair of shoes, which don’t slip.
3. Have a back pack.
4. Efficient use of your water bottle.
5. Just concentrate on the present while trekking and keep strict eyes on the way. Key to win.

Our Troop (Appearance wiz):
1st Row: (L-R) Meeta, Ruchika, Yaju, Aashish
2nd Row: (L-R) Mahesh, Me, Ashish, Chitraprakash
3rd Row: (L-R) JP, Tarun

Photo by YAN(Guy behind our victory)...

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