Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ganesha Chaturthi in Mauritius…

We just conquered Le Pouce and had a plan to have dinner at Indian Summer. We were waiting for food and having casual chat. As a great co-incident Prakash (An Other Friend) came to India Summer. It was a surprise only as he lives in Curepipe and having someone in Rose Hill in a restaurant on a public holiday at 8:30pm is a surprise only. Anyways he joined us in chat waiting for his food to come.

While talking to him we came to know that an other Indian friend and his team is organizing the Ganesha Chaturthi puja at a large scale. It was supposed to happen in quatre bornes close to JP’s place. Since we were in mood to go for some puja , but due to time constraints we could not plan any thing, we thought to go for it.

So next day 11 Sep’20, on decided time I met JP and went to the place where the puja was organized. As a great surprise to us we found big enough gathering there and add on to that surprise was that majority of the people were Indians. There were about 200 people in a small place which was next to the company elect system, the organizing company.

Good enough decoration was done for the puja and a beautiful Ganesha idol was kept there. The priest did the puja with all the rituals and told the story behind the special puja of Ganesha Charuthi. A small booklet was also distributed, which was about the symbolism of Lord Ganesha. Finally arti was done and Prasad was distributed.

The puja was followed by a dinner, which was a kind of potluck done by the elect system team. The dinner was not again less than a surprise box. We had more verities of food; we ever had in a Mauritius wedding. We had papad, pickle, daal, puri , chole-curry, rice with samhabr, rasam & curd, lemon rice, pongal , modak , barfi… Food was really tasty…

For some 2 hours of this puja and dinner we were in a different world itself. Later on while talking to organizer we came to know that they are doing it for last 6 yrs. Amazing efforts. This was our luck that we got a chance to attend this puja…

May Lord Ganesha Full Fills The Desires of All !!!

Ganapati Bappa Morya !!! Mangal Murti Morya !!!

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